Fendrove Dear Prudence(Pru)
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Pru and her sister Penny

Pru iand Penny are sisters. Pru is chocolate roan, Penny a b lue roan. Pru has been only lightly shown, taking a 'reserve' at her first champ show before having an early season, dropping all her coat and then having a phantom pregnancy. It never rains as they say! She did get back into the swing of things again when her coat returned as she is a lovely well balanced bitch with lots to like and there isn't too many chocolate roans in the show ring, so it was nice to campaign the colour. She has been to a couple of Open shows where she has had a mixed reception.....in fact one judge caught up with me as I left the venue to tell me how much he had liked Pru but explaining that Chocolate Roans never win anything....I didn't know quite what to say!
Pru 2013
Unfortunately Pru likes to keep herself well groomed and by this I mean she chews her coat. This has meant her early retirement from the show ring following a litter from which I ran on a blue roan/tan dog 'Eddie'....and yep, he chews his coat too. Most of the time he looks as though he is wearing 'plus fours ' as he chews all the hair off his front feet and shins! Pru has retired into a wonderful home where it is of no importance if she chews off her coat!
Sister Penny was never such a show off......but at least she didn't chew her coat off! but she hated being stripped and groomed so she ended up being clipped off and staying at home. Her orange roan daughter Hettie (Fendrove Orange Creme) has done really well in the ring though and has many admirers and her blue roan daughter (Florence) is also strutting her stuff and she thoroughly enjoys all the attention bestowed on a show girl! Penny now lives with Kim Gain (Molkara).

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