Poppy - Fendrove Solitaire JW ShCM (SHCH Tierra Highlander JW X Fendrove Annie Oakley)

Poppy is a nightmare! She is soo naughty! She thinks that life is soo much fun that she never stops enjoying herself even at the expense of the rest of the gang.
However that said, she managed to get VHC (very highly commended) at her first show. She was incredibly well behaved and her tail never stopped wagging all day long! She did goose step rather on the funny blue matting, but all in all I was very pleased with her and she certainly seemed to enjoy her day.

Latest news: Poppy has qualified for Crufts 2008
Poppy has continued to show her socks off and thoroughly enjoy her outings. She has been rewarded with some super wins in the very best company and has qualified for Crufts many times over. She is continuing to mature into a lovely young lady.
Following her JW and her ScCM Poppy was wated to Aiden (C. Rough Diamond) and a black/tan bitch puppy from that mating was retained. Her name is Fendrove Double Diamond (Alice) who was just too nice to let go despite the tail trauma that has kept her out of the ring. Poppy then retired and went to live with Celia and Mick after they lost their beloved Sophie. Poppy is a much loved and valued part of their family.