Fendrove Rapped Up (Dylan) d.o.b. 27/06/2014
Fendrove Dizzee Rascal x Fendrove Me-Time

(Dylan with litter brother )

Dylan was one of 5 boys iln a lovely litter, and at first I thought I would never be able to select just one to stay but if I'm honest right from an early age he was my favourite. Not always the bravest puppy, or even the most cuddly but he was so handsome and so well put together....and I hoped that given time his confidence would grow and , well he would just be cuddled so much that he would get used to it! Dylan made his debut at North of England Cocker Spaniel club where he was awarded a brilliant 2nd place behind the eventual BPIS. Next show was a long haul to Scotland where he won his first class at his first championship show and at his third show, his first outside, he won his Puppy class and went on to take Puppy Group 3.Let's hope he continues to catch the judges eye in the season ahead, but whatever his placings might be he is an absolute darling who is confident in the ring.....and loves to be cuddled!
Dylan is qulaified for Crufts 2016 and continues to bring home cards from his days out to shows. His dad (Henry) is suitably proud !

11 months old

Dylan at National Gundog 2015

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