Welcome to our Dachshund picture gallery. All the pictures here and the letters have been sent to us by the proud owners of Inkum Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds.

Rose and her family travelled all the way from Scotland for their new puppy. A journey that took them over 6 hours each way. They were delighted with Cooper ( aptly named because he is a 'mini' L/H Dachshund! ) Mum in Law had Mini Daxies for many years but had decided that she couldn't bear to have another after the loss of her beloved oldie, but when she was introduced to the new addition she was immediately smitten.......and so Rose and her family (including Cooper) and Mum-in-law came to collect his brother a week later! Now both these gorgeous boys have wonderful family homes, and meet up on a regular basis for playtimes and walks.

I just wanted to let you know that Cooper and Kaspar have both passed their Bronze Certificate at their training class. They were both very well behaved and we are very proud of them. I have also attached a picture of Cooper and a friend he made at the class, he made lots of friends however this is the only picture I could get in focus as they were moving around a lot! (This picture just shows how these lovely little dogs love canine company...in all shapes and sizes!)

Thank you to Rose for this ....

and thank you to the Daniels for the following

Max and Ollie Daniel 9th December 2011

Here they are, my little darlings. They had a long walk and a good feed and whilst they are resting I will catch up with mail before they come into the sitting room on the settee with us.
As you can see the black hair is gradually receding although Maxi has a lovely black ringed tail!
Everyone loves them and several people have enquired where we bought them from

Please take a minute to enjoy the pictures in the gallery below. I love to look through them myself from time to time and bring back to mind some of the lovely puppies we have placed into homes and some of the lovely people that have become part of our extended 'Inkum' Dachshund family

Dear Jackie
Just a short note to let you know about Tilly. She has been fantastic and has been a pleasure in and out of the house. We are taking her with us everywhere and the attention she gets is unbelievable. She walks on lead like a little trotting pony, she has all her main teeth now and is getting lighter by the day except her ears and tail. If we have been asked about her by complete strangers in the street once , it must be hundreds of times. This last Sunday we showed our classic car locally and Sandra walked her down about a mile and it took her an hour to get there and an hour to get home, people on bikes stopped and got off to cuddle her!
Anyway we are so happy to have her....picture to follow

Sausage update! Thomas is loving going for his walks now that he's had his injections. He loves meeting other dogs and the pugs stop and wait for him to catch up when his little legs are making him lag behind!
He has also found his voice and likes to have a good yap when he's playing.
He's such a happy little boy! Xx

Dear Stuart & Jackie
As you can see Lily has settled in beautifully. She is such a character and everyone who sees her loves her - all bags are searched when leaving the house to make sure no-one takes her!
Thank you for a lovely girl who is a pleasure to own.
Sue & John

Hi Jackie and Stuart,
Its been a while since we let you know news of Bertie and, since it will be his 1st birthday next week, an update is definitely due.
We are still besotted with him - even more if that is possible! He is the most sociable and good natured little dog and he is an absolute pleasure to own. We take him out and about on walks and lots of people stop and want to pet him and make a fuss of him and he loves it. He is good when he meets other dogs, whether on or off the lead. We regularly take him to our local garden centre where they allow dogs even into the shop part which sells all kinds of things and he has a fan club among the staff. Word gets around when we arrive and they all appear, wanting a cuddle with Bertie. At Christmas when they had all of their decorations out for sale, he was constantly covered in glitter because he spent so much time on his back having his tummy rubbed!

Naturally we are very proud of our dogs...and their owners! To read more comments about Fendrove & Inkum dogs written by their families please take a minute to look through our guest book pages.

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