I know this seems a strange section, it's for all the correspondence I have received from pets themselves. It's just for fun and yes, everything that appears in this section is genuine and has been received by us.

This is an e-mail we received from Jet a working cocker spaniel just after his owners adopted Amber from Fendrove.
Hello Jackie, it's Jet.
I have taken over the pooter while them oomans are busy watching Amber.
I was sitting here with me ed in me paws wondering why me......... What did I do................
That Amber stands with her paws in me food bowl so I can't fit me ed in and eat me dinner.
She has taken over my cumfy spot next to my girl masters bed. She makes loads of noise and is always trying to get me in trouble with the oomans by squeeking, yapping and groanin when I play, but she is the one who starts it and I don't urt her, I just wanna play.
She attacks me and runs under the sofa and woofs at me until I go over to see what we are defending, then she bites my paws and nose and plays dirty, cause I can't even get my ed under there. Dad ooman said it is like watching a game of ungry hippos as her ed pops out bites me and goes back under, but she uses my nose as the ball. If I walk away she chases me and woofs and pounces at me and growls and bites me Jackie, it's just not fair. She is a big bully. Then she sits and looks all coote and everyone says aahhhh.
If I get a toy to play with, she comes and takes it away and it doesn't matter if I let her have that one and get an uver one cause she takes that too.
If I jump up to sit/sleep on the ooman day bed down stairs she stands and squeeks until them oomans put her up and sit with her. She starts biting my paws and yapping in my ear and Mum tells me off if I start playing on the day bed. Life is soooooooooo stressful now.
All the boy and girl oomans friends come and cuddle Amber and tell her how lovely she is, but they don't know, she is a ooligan in coote clothin.
I would pack my spotted ankie on me stick with me bones in, but Mummy ooman has taken them all away in case I fight over them, but I think she ment Amber. Besides I don't think she is staying long as she is tunnelling out of the garden and has made a big ole, but I think Mummy ooman wants her to take her time as I tried to elp her dig it out cwicker yesterday and Mum told me off, just because she was in the ole.
Not sure if she was Tarzan in a previous life cause she keeps anging off the branches of the tree. I reckon she either wanted to be a black and tan girl, or she has been reading doggie beauty tips about mud masks, but she is always coming in from the garden covered in mud and as soon as the oomans brush her and clean her she goes and puts her mud pack on again. I told her, she wants a coat like mine, black is always in fashion and it doesn't show the mud, so Mum don't know I ave been diggin unless she catches me or see's the ole. But I am now gonna look innocent and point my paws at her now. (snigger)
So I wanna thank you for sending her here, taking away my peace and trankquillity I no longer have anything to call me own and as soon as I figure out how to use the phone I am ringing the shelter!
Woofs and licks
Jet x

This is an e-mail I received from Boston, who can be seen on the homed pets picture page - glad your being spoilt Boston
Hi Jackie,
Just a note to say that I am having a fab time, I am sooo spoilt and everyone loves me sooo much! Iím not too sure about my lead, I go to the park every day but I wont walk with my lead on !! Ohhh Jackie, you should see them, they carry me to the park, and back again, I love running in the fields once they have taken the silly thing off though!!! I have got mummy to attach a few pics of me, I will write again soon, send my love to everyone at the farm,
Love from
Boston xxx

This e-mail was received from Bubba who sent this after a visit to Jackie for a hair cut - Bubba you do look handsome now
Hi Jackie
I just wanted to send you this little letter (with my mummys help) to say
thank you for my first haircut! I had a wicked day out at yours meeting all the other dogs again. It felt a bit funny for a start when I had my fur trimmed but now, with the hot weather it is soooooo much better, especially when I go into my swimming pool (well its a big paddling pool really according to daddy but as I am a puppy I call it my swimming pool !). I ust love my mummy and daddy so much as they are always fussing me and treating me. They bought me a special easter eg just for puppies, my sister Fudge (she's a cat) was so jealous that my egg
was chocolate and hers was catnip, and then this week they have bought me a huge new doggy blaket with blue paw prints on and even more new toys!!! I am so spoiled!
Since I have had my hair cust I am getting even more cuddles, if that is
possible and lots lots more fuss - which I love - and I know that the dog
next door is so jealous as i look so much better than him now!
Anyway, bye for now and I will come and visit again soon
Bubba xxxxxxx
PS I will get mummy to send you some more pictures of me

This is an e-mail from Penny C entitled My first day out - bless
Hi Jackie,
Thought you would like to hear about my first day out.I started with the method of spreading all my legs out and 'Belly Surfing' ,I surfed down the drive,I surfed round the corner at one point a had collected so many leaves that when Jo turned round she couldn't see my face. She then picked me up crossed the road opened a big gate and said 'we can play in the park now' I thought great 'MORE belly surfing' and did so three more times round the park(at which point Jo said you win ) and we headed home. When Jo closed the gate I jumped to my feet, and do you know its much easier using my feet than belly surfing (who would have believed it) so we walked up the road (Jo said how good I was) (which of course I knew).Anyhow I had a great day and was told we're going out again tomorrow Yippee.
Penny C,Jo & Alex

This is an e-mail from Molly - love and licks back to you Molly
Dear Jackie,
I have just been to have a bath and trim and my mummy says I look nice and smell better - I quite enjoyed it and the lady said I was a good dog.
On Saturday we are going on holiday to a place called Wharfedale in Yorkshire - my first holiday with my new owners. I am looking forward to it as Mummy says there will be lots of nice walks. They are going to take lots of photos of me and I expect they will send you some. My mistress says thank you for sending the petlog form and vaccination certificate and says she has dealt with same.
I will contact you again after my holiday when I am going to start school whatever that is!
Love and licks,

This is an e-mail from Alfie, telling me all about his antics
Hi Jackie,
Just writing to let you know how I am doing. I like these humans they kiss and cuddle me all day then I get into the Big Bed at night and I let them snuggle me. I have grown and grown since you last saw me I have legs like a Girrafe and I become more handsome each day (so theses silly humans tell me). I settled in well with my new black mammy Mollie she was a bit grumpy at first (well she is old you know) but I soon won her around with my charm!!! I am having a problem with my teeth at the moment I don't seem to be able to control them and I bite everybody and everything in site and when the humans tell me off I just look at them with my big brown eyes and my lonnnnnng eye-lashes and they let me do it some more. I visited the Vet who gave me full marks for everything but I did cry when my Mammy let the Vet stick a needle in me. I'm off to spend the day with Hector tomorrow oh we doo love each other and have such fun he is very gentle with me for such a big boisterous boy, and I enjoy biting his back legs soooo much. Well I'm off for my tea now but I'll write soon.
Love Alfie and the Gang xxxxxx

This is an e-mail from Poppy about her favourite cushion
Hi, Poppy here,
Here is a picture of me taken today on my mum's bed---I just love that fluffy cushion along with all my other toys and look how much I've grown.
It took them a while to get a good picture cos I wouldn't keep still, but then I'm only a baby and I love to play.
They're very patient cos they love me to bits & Bramble is my best friend.
Love Poppy. xxx

From Poppy on her 1st Birthday

Hi Jackie,
It's Ebony's daughter POPPY here.
Here is my 1st birthday photo--just for you.
They were determined to photograph me so you could see me now I'm bigger & so beautiful; so I thought the best place for a photo would be of me lounging on the table!!!
I'm so pleased my mum Ebony came to live with me -- we get on really well and she cuddles me a lot.
I like Bramble too --- my Blue Roan Cocker 'sister' and I have learned to be very kind with her as she is 13yrs old and she is blind.
You'll be delighted to know that I can now tell the time!!!.
That's because every day since I was 10 weeks old --- at 9am and 5pm without fail, whatever the weather, I go to the park and run around off my lead for a least half an hour with all my mates.
Can't fault it to be honest Jackie because I just love the daily routine and I'm perfect when they call me to come back to put my lead on cos I know when I get back home my dinner is served---how good is that?.
I'm looking forward to a few days in the caravan soon with Ebony my mum and Bramble --- just hope there's lots of rabbits around for me to chase.
Give my dad Aiden (Claramand Rough Diamond) a hug for me.
Love POPPY. x

Hello Mummy ! It's Liesl here !
I have been in London for two days now and everything is very exciting.
The Lady and the Man who came and took me are very nice and are really kind to me.
On my first day I had a lovely shower and shampoo but chose the towel-dry finish instead of the noisy air blower thingy.
I'm looking after them too and spend ages licking their faces clean.
I take them for long walks in the parks which are just over the road and when I get to run off my lead I amuse them by running away and then dashing back to them when they call 'Liesl'. This makes them very happy so I lick their faces again.
The Lady has a girl called Romy and I reckon I'll have to take her out for walks too before long.
When we are out by the roads we see lots of motorcars which have lights and make noises. I like to sit down and just watch them go by. Earlier today I decided to ignore a few of them and this made the Lady happy. Licks again.
I have met lots of people and they all smile at me and I like to jump up to have a closer look at all of them.
More exciting are the many dozens of other doggies I get to see when I take the Lady and the Man out for their walks. All of them have given me a nice welcome and I have been invited to play with a few already. The people who the other doggies take out for walks all say I'm very polite and very pretty.
At home I have my own room with lots of comfortable bedding and lots of toys. I really like my big sofa and sometimes I let the Lady and the Man have a bit of space on it too. (The picture is me on my big sofa before they crowd me out.)
Please send my love to everybody there and tell Sunny that I missed him terribly (but might get over it soon).
Lots of Love and Licks from Liesl

This came from a couple of proper little gangsters!
Hi Jackie

Our new coats arrived today look great in them,will send you photo soon.
Been on our first walk today meet lots of new faces and heard lots of
different noises, not been near any dogs yet dad said it will be a few more
days looking forward to that.
Mums just booking us in to a puppy party at the vets, will meet lots of
little friends ,lasts for 2 hours each week for three weeks, going to sleep
now then tea time
Bye for now love
Bonnie and Clyde

A brief note from Honey :)

Dear birth mummy, I just thought that I would send you pictures taken by my new mummy. My big brother likes me and we play with all the toys and we have tumble games. I am a little bit naughty but my mummy says it's ok as I'm just a little baby. (Although she does tell me off sometimes especially when I nibble her trousers and put a hole in them!). I do like a bit of quiet time though because at my new home I need to sleep as there is soooo much to do. I hope you like my picture and feel happy that I have a nice home with a big brother. Lots of love from Honey x

Hi Jackie

As it's Christmas I thought I would send you an email about how I'm getting on in my new home here in Holmfirth with my new family. My mum and dad and sister are fab and helping me with my toilet training which is coming on great no accidents for nearly three weeks although my recall is work in progress!
As you can see from the attached images my black has nearly all gone and I'm a light brown sandy colour with just a few black hi lights around my lug holes.
Hope you have a fab Christmas I'm expecting to be spoilt rotten my sister goes mad on toys for me at the local pet store!
Say hello to all my friends I left behind and all the best for the new year!!

This lovely e-mail from Mila made me smile :)

Dear humen mummy Jackie,
Thought it time I caught up with you and told you about my year. Itís not like Norfolk over here.
Please come and bring me back, my life is orrible. The big bald man Is quite interesting - he works from home, so I stick to his feet and follow him everywhere and occasionally get rewarded with a walk out on the local polo field. Lovely spot. He sent you a video of my first day out there not long after I came here. I was a bit timid then and the field was very big.
But now itís like my home playground, I found lots of muddy holes throughout the winter and even in the summer to immediately run to and lie in. The big bald man calls me the swamp monster! He is now a marketing me as a water diviner. How very dare he!
New mummy has bought a Blaster to try and take away the smell of wet dog and fox poo which I just love. I know I was bred as a show type but I think thereís something of the gypsy about me. I do love the wild outdoors. They are thinking of moving house to somewhere where there isnít a water meter and installing their own wind farm to reduce the electric bills.
Iíve persuaded the Ďold oneí to play with me, despite the fact she is nearly 14 and sees things that arenít there. New mummy says I have given her a new lease of life, I have convinced her that chasing the cat is a great sport and sheís taking to it like a dog to a bone. Lots of broken plant pots in the process but we just look doe eyed and blame the cat.
Iíve not grown very big despite being very grown-up which has its advantages as people still think Iím a puppy and love me up at every opportunity but Iíve had two seasons and soon will be off for the snip. I have no idea what that means but Iíve heard the grown-ups talking about it. Perhaps it will stop me making nests under the bed.
Anyway enough about me, how are things in Norfolk? Has my mummy had any more babies? I think the grown-ups are thinking about getting another little one for me to play with. Iím not sure theyíre planning on driving up to Norfolk again though coz they want some poxy black and white version of me but if they do I will come and visit.
By the way I have been rechristened, I am now Mila the Minx. They say itís because of the way I slink about. Theyíve made up a song in my name, what does Ďslinky stinky slinky wrinkly Minxí mean - not sure I know.
But I try and look happy every time they try and sing it - havenít the heart to tell them theyíre off key.
Anyway off to the Isle of Man next week for my second trip to see my friends Nero the Lab (nice but dim) and Teddy the Clumber ( ideas above her station). Iíll be sure to find some nice swamps there to wallow in.
Lots of woof to you.

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