This section will show any letters I have received from owners, whom have given their permission to be published. There are more letters and comments in our guestbook too. Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

Dear Jackie, I wont keep hassling you with a weekly update, LOL, but I know you like to know how your dogs are getting on. Plus I think I am driving everyone mad because we have the most cleverest, beautiful dog ever and I have to let people know lol!! Seriously just wanted to let you know Sadie had her stitches out today and she is absolutely fine,had an ear check as well and they seems to be well under control. We would also like to ask you if next year,if you have another mature dog, you would possibly consider us? Sadie has settled so well, we would love to consider a friend for her. With best wishes The Dawsons P.S Great news about Meg, hope everythings ok. Any news of Prue?, Helen fell inlove with her, but Sadie just captured our hearts x

From Peter & Sue about George
Dear Jackie
Just wanted to let you know George has settled in really well. We had a good trip back on Wed and never heard a peep from him (or Freddie!). They both ate well when we got back & George then proceeded to find his way around.
By Thursday morning he had grown in confidence & hasn't looked back! He is just adorable & lots of fun and very cuddly. Out in the garden today he was rushing around picking up anything he could find to play with, plastic flower pots to toss in the air or the hand brush I was using + new toys we have bought him. He & Freddie are good together & George has been enjoying his walks & meeting everyone.
We are thrilled to have found him & welcome him to our home. We will of course let you know how he gets on.

About Ebony & Poppy
Hi Jackie,
Just to let you know that Ebony and Poppy are JUST fine and adorable.
Ebony has settled in perfectly and loves her daily routine & always has a one to one cuddle & play with me on our own for an hour every evening --- I get loads of kisses --- she's simply divine.
We have all just returned from 11 days in Cirencester in the caravan and Ebony & Poppy loved running free in the park & made lots of friends too. They especially enjoyed chasing birds & rabbits -- true cockers.
Ebony has just come into season and she has become very maternal with both Poppy & Bramble.
To be on the safe side !!! ----we are keeping her on the lead in the local park cos she's just too friendly right now with anything on 4 legs!!!!
She likes to pinch Poppy's Eukanuba Puppy food that's loaded with carbohydrates so that's probably been the problem for her slight weight gain that we've now addressed.
Poppy is an absolutley lovely little girl at just over 9 mths old and she is very intelligent -- she just loves everybody and everybody loves her too.
We had her groomed before we went to Cirencester and she remains glossy black, sleak & stunning and knows she's beautiful -- Ebony is booked in for a groom this Thursday.
Trust all is well at Fendrove with your gorgeous boys and girls.
Luv Kathryn & hugs from Ebony & Poppy. x

About Riley & Lottie
Hi Jackie
Ive been meaning to write to you for some time now but life is so hectic with 2 dogs Riley has settled in really well and is very friendly to everybody, wanting to say hello to everyone and every dog! He has become great friends with Lottie and they often cuddle up together although he has a habit of taking everything off her and she lets him! The only time she tells him off is when he pushes in for affection. Lottie is such a softie though I think she would get on with any dog and doesnt quite know how to be boss, bless her.
We started taking Riley to puppy classes as soon as he was old enough and he has already passed his puppy foundation course. He is such a star in training and also when out walking on a lead. He seemed to master it straight away. As for Lottie, we stopped the obedience and just take her to Agility classes now, which she loves and often beats the other dogs on the course. So we have two little stars!
Ive attached some up to date photos of the pair of them. As you will see Rileys colouring has come out beautifully. He has a lovely pale golden face and ears with deeper colouring on his back. He is such a looker and often gets mistaken for being a girl! I think hes going to be a big boy though as hes almost as tall as Lottie already.
I hope you are well and your doing well in the ring.
Take care
Fiona x

About Ruby
Ruby is the light of lives! She is just the happiest little soul who loves everyone and everything! Except, perhaps, having a bath. She had to learn that theres a price to pay for dipping her feet in the pond, chasing the pigeons off the garden, killing the sweeping brush and burying herself in leaves, finding that cow pooh is not the nicest thing to eat and being covered in paw prints from our neighbours exuberant adolescent spaniel. At least she slept like a baby last night and I had to wake her up this morning for a change!

About Fendrove Puppies
My message is to anyone out there who is reading about Fendrove Betty Boop, or any other Fendrove baby. I feel I am in a unique position to talk about her as I have her Black and Tan litter sister Fendrove Upsydaisy. All I can say is if you are even just thinking about this baby girl DO IT make that call and adopt you new baby. Daisy is WONDERFUL in every way possible, she is a real first class love thing, she lies on her dads head every night in the big bed and snuggles right into him, makes me a bit jealous really she only picks me when her Dad is on night shift!! and she smiles at us all the time, YES she smiles, she is soooooo very happy all the time and words could not convey how beautiful she is .. If I could afford it I would adopt Betty Boop myself however I already have 2 Fendrove babies, Alfie and the gorgeous Daisy, so probably next year before I can adopt again unless I win the lottery then I would adopt every Fendrove available, but until then I'll have to be happy looking at the puppy section on the web site and dreaming.

About Ruby
Ruby is gorgeous and we are both besotted and we are sure she is going to be a very clever girl! I cooked a little bit of chicken for her to try and now, on occasions, we keep finding her sitting in front of the fridge. She must have ears like Jodrell Bank because, even when she's asleep, as soon as the fridge door opens, shes there standing with her front paws on a shelf having a look.
We both have joined the Ministry of Funny Walks! she kept running inbetween our feet and getting squashed, so we now walk with our legs apart just in case shes there!!! She can run like a whippet!
She likes to munch on ears, noses, ankles and hands. Looking at our arms you'd think we've been self harming! Someone has given us a good tip on how to stop that today so giving that a go.
She loves the garden, only trouble is, like any baby, everything has to go into her mouth!
Sorry, going on a bit, like any new parent, our baby is the smartest and prettiest of them all!
A & J

About Maisie
Maisie has settled right in and slept through after about 5 nights! She loves Tilly (my labrador)to bits and often sneaks into her bed for a cuddle.
Went to her first puppy party at the vets on Monday, she was the smallest there and even though she hid under my chair for 5 minutes she then decided to sort them all out and let them know who was going to be boss.
She is certainly feisty just as you predicted and we are making sure that we are quite firm with her as regards training.
Toilet training was excellent but has regressed a little bit but I am sure she will get there.
We all love her to bits and feel very lucky to have her, thank you again.

About Dexter
Hi Jackie
Just a quick email to give you an update on Dexter!!
He's growing into such a lovely boy, he's amazing!!
Toilet training has been a breeze, he sleeps all night (infact it's hard
work getting him up in a morning) he loves his cage and hides his best toys
and treats in it!!
He loves walks and we can let him off in woods and park and his recall is
really good!!
Dexter and my daughter have such a lovely bond he follows her all over and
loves to snuggle with her, he's also very tolerant of her giddiness, when
he's had enough he just goes to bed!!
Were all so happy with him, he's a pleasure to own!!
Julie x

About Dexter
Hi Jackie
Just a quick email to let you know Dexter is ok and settled in great!!
He had a couple of accidents in house yesterday but touch wood none during night and today he's gone out everytime! He woke me twice in night to go out but straight back to sleep after toilet!
He settles in his cage lovely! Cries for a minute or two but then just goes to sleep!
He's eating well and happy and playful! Proper little bundle of mischief!!
Can hardly believe we finally have him!!
Thanks so much for letting us have him! He's part of family already and we are all thrilled with him! He's a credit to you and your lovely dogs!
Julie x

About Lilly the pink
Hi Jackie
First of all I have to say Fendrove dogs r adorable
It was a feast for the eyes to see how happy they all were & reminded me of why I so much luv cocker spaniels
So wish I lived closer as u would not keep me away
Lilly the pink was so the best name for our adorable little golden girl she is such a tonic & is very much part of our family already
She is sleeping at night in her crate wakes between 5 & 6 & has everyday explored a little further she is such a happy little puppy luvs the outdoors & has already learnt how to launch herself off the patio door into the back garden & stands like a lioness on the water feature like a scene from the lion king
Today we went to the vets for her first vaccination & she weighs 2.2kg I think that's a bag of sugar (and as sweet as !!! )
The vet loved her she said she could take her home so I took a photo to put on the vets aaaah factor puppy photo board
Thought u may like a piccie with the vet taken today so u can see her progress
More piccies to follow as she grows for her Fendrove mummy as promised hope ebony is ok look forward to an update on how all the other puppies r doing
Luv her to bits
Debbie x

About Eddie
Hi Jackie
Well it has been nearly 7 weeks since Eddie came to live with us and I thought you might like to know how things are going. Ignore what anyone else says about their dog being the best because it simply isn't true - Eddie is the best dog in the world! Anybody who doesn't know much about dogs thinks he is gorgeous and wants to take him home and all the professional dog people think he is gorgeous and want to take him home. It's amazing we still have him really. Eddie is a busy little chap who loves people, other dogs and rabbits. He is cheeky and charming and would get away with murder if we let him. However he is responding really well to ignoring bad behaviour and praising the good. After he had his final injection it only took 3 days for him to get the hang of going to the toilet outside (parma ham treats did the trick) and he is almost able to hold on all night which is quite amazing. He still adores food of all kinds and literally hoovers everything up that doesn't move first - we should've called him Dyson! He has just started short walks on his harness and lead which he loves but his favourite trip is down to visit the chickens with Ciara. He got pecked the other day for being a little over enthusiastic to see them. He will start training in about 5 weeks time but we are going on a puppy walk soon which should be good. We all totally love him to bits and wouldn't be without him for the world. The only slight problem is that he is often car sick even on a short journey but the vet said he would probably grow out of it by about 8 months so fingers crossed. We had already got our holiday in Cornwall booked before we got Eddie and it isn't a place we can take him to. "We'll put him kennels" we said. Then we got him and said "we can't possibly put him in kennels". Anyway we have been put in touch with a family who board dogs and give them their own holiday whilst continuing with our training and routines. We met them 2 weeks ago and they fell in love with Eddie and he with them and their collie, Ellie. The guy photographs dogs for a living and was immediately snapping Eddie (model potential I think) so we will get a good photo out of it as well as the peace of mind that Eddie will be looked after and loved whilst we are away.
Thank you again for letting us have Eddie, he truly is a wonderful dog. I will try and send photos when I can and you can see how beautiful he is although I am sure you already know.
Best wishes

About Keira
Just to let you know that Keira is settling in very well into her new home. She is absolutely gorgeous and as you can imagine we are all besotted with her. She is eating and sleeping really well and goes for her first jabs tomorrow. My Mum, who knows much more about dogs than I do, wanted to tell you how impressed she was with her - she says such a wonderful litter is a real credit to you. Thank you also for all the information you gave us - hopefully we are going to paint a wonderful picture on our 'blank canvas'.
Thanks again for everything.

About Maisie & Murphy
I know it's been a long time since I've been in contact but I couldn't resist sending a couple of phots of Maisie and Murphy playing in the snow recently. I often have a look on your website and the new additions that arrived at Christmas are as lovely as ever.
Maisie and Murphy are still thriving and I have to say I have never had a dog in the past with such beautiful tempraments. Maisie can be a bit grumpy when she tired but she's entitled she's a girl and Murphy is most laid back dog I have ever come across. Love them both to bits.

About Jack
Hello Jackie As Jack is now 2 we are interested in finding him a brother .Jack is just so perfect, and all the hard work from the early days of puppy classes to his gold award through the kennel club has paid off. We have now moved and have a lovely large garden with chickens, which Jack loves, sometimes too much! Look forward to hearing from you.

About Polly
Polly is doing fine, and growing rapidly. She is learning fast, sits, downs, stays beginning to fetch etc. she is fantastic with people and loves them all but she gets very cross if people ignore her and refuses to move if they walk away. she isn't at all bothered about other dogs, prefering people I think.
food is the most important thing in her life and it is never far from her thoughts!
she sleeps right though the night and has never had an accident overnight, (which has meant early mornings, but when you never have had to face mess everywhere you can't moan at that.) We have had accidents during the day but only occasionally.
She is a real outdoor dog and loves to play in the garden especially in the sunshine, (not to keen if it rains as she does notlike to get her feet wet!
she is a real character and has settled in well to our house, which is quite manic with 4 children and friends, ranging from 8 to 21 years, so the house certainly keeps her socialised well. She loves nothing more of an evening than to curl up by my chair and sleep and dream away til bedtime.
hope all the others are ok, and are progressing well.

About Dexter
Dexter has been a wonderful addition to our family and is much loved. He definitely has the character that we missed and is very loving with it. We all now get met at the door when we've been out for more than 5 minutes and are greeted like long lost friends. He loves his tummy tickled (just like his mum) and will roll on his back for a cuddle at night.
He and my lab get on really well. They sleep together in the same bed cuddled up and have wonderful play sessions together .When they are out walking Dexter is never far from Connor who is always looking out for his little brother.
At night Dexter likes to sit behind the sofa on the window sill where he watches the goings on. However he wont do this until about 9pm after he's had his cuddle. I think you can tell who's in charge here.
Be reassured that he is a very happy and well adjusted puppy who adores his family. I hope that you and your family are well. I will send you an update asap.

About Paddy
Just thought I'd drop you a note about little Paddy. She is a darling. Her only vice is a passion for chewing feet, hands and emmm everything that's not covered with multiple blankets.
She is truly adorable with so much character! She loves everyone and gets
really put out if people don't stop and fuss her. She loves other dogs and everyone who meets her loves her.
She is a real delight and is very confident. She went on the ferry from embankment to Greenwich yesterday and runs and plays on Wimbledon common bounding around all the other pooches.

About Penny
Hi Jackie,
Penny really is a charmer everyone who has see her wants to take her home as she is very good at the 'butter wouldn't melt expression'. She is incredibly talkative she makes all sorts of noises which keeps us entertained trying to guess what we are being told to do and can't believe we've only had her for such a short time.

About Molly
Hi Jackie. Remeber us? We were very lucky to be allowed to have one of your puppies in 2005, Molly who was a puppy of Sophie and sister of Sadie. We are always looking at your site to keep up to date with Sadie and all the other Fendrove dogs so i thought I would let you know how Molly is. Molly is a fantastic dog, who has grow up to have a great personality, gentle, friendly but full of fun and enjoys life to the full. She adores people and other dogs, and loves to meet them when she is out walking. She is particularly happy when we take her on holiday and she can run riot on the beach! She loves her walks - the muddier the better - and trips out in the car. She is such a big part of our family, and we cannot imagine life without her. Hope you are well, and all the best in this years shows. Best wishes Janine and Kevin

About Danny on his 4th birthday
Jackie - It is Danny's (Fendrove Billy the Kid's) 4th birthday today and he is now a lovely full grown man. We have moved to the country and he loves the freedom and the fresh air.The only problem is that he is not to keen on walks in the cold wet dark evenings at this time of year!

About Sophie with kind permission of Celia:
Just a couple of pics of Sophie relaxing - as usual!! She is very well and keeps us entertained. She has holidayed in Norfolk twice this year and is going to South Devon on Friday, all being well. She still travels in her charabang enjoying the scenery! She surprises me almost every day with her delightful gentle nature and expects to be included in all aspects of our life - which she is.

About Harv with kind permission of Marian:
Harv is still as fabulous as ever. Hes so well behaved now that he comes to work with me at College He sleeps by my feet but the minute somebody comes into the office he sees it as an opportunity to make a new friend and welcomes then like a long, lost relative. Many people have suggested that he should become the College dog!!
My mum looks after Harv when we go away and is so sad when he has to go home. She has asked me numerous times if she can adopt him not a chance!!
His new job, as a member of the household, is to take a sock, or pair of knickers from upstairs and take it to the washing machine. What with that and reliably waking me up at 5:30 every morning by standing on my head; hes a very helpful little boy!
As Im sure you can guess, he is a very special part of our family.

About Harry with kind permission of Sonia:
Hi Jackie
Thanks for your advice
It is so reassuring that you are always on the end of an email you are so lovely and given me the most wonderful dog in the world!
Sonia and Harry xxx

About Sophie with kind permission of Celia:
Hi Jackie,
Just keeping in touch really, hope you are all OK.
I still feel as though I have to pinch myself to realise that we have such a perfect little dog as Sophie.
She plays a huge part in our lives and we love her so much and it is hard
to believe that we have had her for a year and a week! She seems to be
perfect and shows us so much love and affection and I might add amusement from time to time. She just loves children, and loves it even more when we meet them coming from school and they have sticky sweets in their hands!
Anyway, thank you so much for her. Take care
Regards Celia

About Margo expertly drawn by Lauren Cairn, thank you Lauren.

About Bailey with kind permission of Sharon and Andy:
"Bailey really is a lovely puppy with a very good nature, he loves water and the beach and is always soaking wet whenever we take him out. He thinks that every dog, person, child is there to give him love and affection and he has no fear of other dogs - we spend most of our time when we are out retrieving him from other people and their dogs."

About Harry with kind permission of Sonia:
"I don't know what I would do without him - he is such a big part of our family"
"He is such a lovely character you can't help but smile, even when he's being naughty - luckily he isn't naughty very often"
"When I take him to the park he gets so much attention - everyone says he's the best looking dog in the park - he always has to find something to carry back, he will either carry back litter or at the moment it's fir cones. If there's more than one cone he gets all confused and doesn't know which one to take back"

About Baxter with kind permission of Sue:
"Our aged Labrador, Bonnie, and our Retriever, Lily, adore him and indulge
his every whim. Lily bears the brunt of keeping him entertained and plays
the really active games with him whilst Bonnie mainly sticks to wrestling
where she can remain lying on the floor as she is very arthritic these days.
Lily is remarkably tolerant because most of their games seem to end up with him hanging on to her 'trousers' with his teeth, but we have noticed that she is rapidly going grey now - perhaps it is the stress of keeping him entertained!
The final picture I have sent you shows the 3 dogs crashed out after
It is unusual to see them laid like this since they are normally either
wrapped around each other or Lily and Baxter are laid on their backs with their legs splayed. (Note that Baxter has grabbed prime position between the 'girls'!)

About Harvey with kind permission of Marian:
"Harvey is such a charmer and is always included in invites to friend's houses and to sleep overs."
"When we first welcomed Harvey into our home it was a big step because I had never had a dog before. I needn't have worried. Jackie was always on hand to answer any questions, no matter how silly. She saw us through the puppy stage and was over the moon each time that Harvey passed a dog training exam. We now have a well balanced, very charming little dog who everyone falls in love with. We have every intention of returning to Jackie in the future when we are looking for a brother for Harvey!"
Marian & Harv

About Honey with kind permission of Barbara:
Hi Jackie
Thought that the web site was great, here are a couple of pictures of our
'Honey girl' as promised. She is a joy to have except that she likes to
chew wallpaper, even doing it when we are watching!! Bill has redecorated the same wall in the kitchen three times now so we have resorted to putting perspex on the wall to try and deter her. She is definately the boss around Max and if they have a rawhide chew each she is not satisfied until she gets both of them in her bed and if he tries to take his one back he gets his toes bitten. We are quite firm with her though and make sure that he gets his one back.
The kennel name you chose 'Lap dancer' is very apt as most evenings she is
curled up asleep on the sofa with us. Hope you like the pictures and will
send more soon
best wishes

2008 Fendrove