This section of the site is dedicated to all the Fendrove dogs we have loved and lost. I hope all our Fendrove angels will be wagging their tails happily, basking in the warmth of the love we have for them. They will always be in our hearts and sadly missed.

There's a cold spot on my bed,
where you once lay your sweet soft head.
You awoke me every day,
with big wet kisses and a pounce "Let's play"
You waited for me at every bend,
you really were "Mans best friend"
I miss your kisses, I miss your bark,
I miss playing fetch with you in the park.
But most of all I miss you paws,
Pitter patting across the floors,
when you charged to greet me when I got home,
with you in my heart I am never alone.
So rest in peace my little one,
We'll play again when my life is done.


Feb 2004 - May 2017

A very sad time for us when suddenly and with no prior warning Bobbie our wonderful kind and gentle Collie was taken ill and after a dash to the vet was diagnosed with cancer of the spleen. Bobbie was quietly put to sleep to avoid further suffering. Our lives changed forever by this beautiful, kind and gentle girl.She came to us from the back of a dark farm shed, covered in mud and underweight. Stuart had gone to buy straw but couldn't leave this little Collie behind once she had crawled up to him wagging her tail. Of course I was furious that he had purchased a puppy from this kind of environment....but then furious that he hadn't purchased the entire litter! She grew up to be the most delightful dog, so very loyal and kind she welcomed all visitors to our home and demanded attention , how she loved a fuss! Never having any babies herself she played Auntie to all our puppies ( as in the picture with a miniature Dachshund puppy) she loved playing her part in rearing happy, confident well adjusted pups and she could be trusted implicitly. She helped us vet many a prospective puppy buyer! Bob loved people, especially children and was never happier than when she was playing ball games on the field or sat at my feet having a fuss. Right up until the end she had a wagging tail and a trusting gaze. Irreplaceable.
Until we meet again run free and be happy and know how much you were loved and how terribly you are missed . Good Girl Bob.


Sophie (Fendrove Look at me now)
Very sadly Celia and Mick have lost their beloved Sophie (Fendrove Look at me now) to cancer. Sophie was from the first litter born at Fendrove , she was a successful show girl and a super mum to her puppies. She lives on in her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, and as we all mourne her loss, her great great grandchildren are born at Fendrove. I will be forever grateful to Sophie....and I will be forever grateful to Celia and Mick who gave her such a wonderful retirement home. Sophie was indeed a very lucky girl to have been adopted by such lovely people, I know how much they will miss her.
Fly with the angels little one.


Sadly his life was very short, but full of love and he is greatly missed by his adoring family Graham and Warren.
May the happy memories fill the empty spot Arthur has left behind for you both.


Not exactly a Fendrove but our much loved rescue dog Lennox a Chinese Crested dog passed away 17/04/2012. Lenny didn't have the best start in life but he became very much a part of our family and was very much loved by us all.
Dance, twirl, run and play and baske in the warmth of the love we have for you, and know that we are glad you came into our lives and enriched them. We will miss you. xx


Franny (C. Looking Good at Fendrove)
I was very sad to hear that Nicky & her family had lost their beloved Fran. Franny was a beautiful girl inside and out , the sort of dog that made you smile. She was a great showgirl who loved to show but she was equally happy on a family walk or on the sofa! Franny lives on in her children and grandchildren. Here at Fendrove her daughter Meg (Fendrove Fortune Teller) and her grandaughter Betty (Fendrove Gold Digga) have inherited her wonderful disposition as well as her winning ways. Aiden (C. Rough Diamond) is also a grandson of Fran ...what a wonderful legacy she has left us.


Charlie - Fendrove I Spy a well loved boy. He was a real family member who was included in all the family events. Charlie went home when his new mum and dad returned from their honeymoon and a few years later Charlie was there to welcome their son home too. He will be sadly missed by them all but they all have very special, happy memories of Charlie to cherish.


March 2014
It was with great sadness that I learned that Maisie (Claramand Hopskotch at Fendrove) had been put to sleep in her 15th year after developing a tumour and to save her suffering. Maisie was the start of our journey into Cockers and subsequently into the world of dog showing. She proved to be an excellent mum and produced some beautiful puppies for Fendrove including Sophie (Fendrove Look at me now , Margo (Fendrove I'm No Angel) and Rosie (Fendrove Ring O Roses)who all went on to do well in the show ring and her happy, loving nature made her a great hit with everyone she met. She spent many happy years in 'retirement' as a trusted companion to Joan a lady who lives near us which meant that she came to visit regularly throughout her life whenever she needed a hair cut! My deepest sympathies to Joan and her family as I know what an important member of their family she was and I know how greatly she will be missed.
So when tomorrow starts without me,
Donít think weíre far apart
For every time you think of me,
Iím right there, in your heart

Rest in Peace little one xx

December 2014

Spice (Kelsmere Spice)
Taken from us far too soon. A gift from a friend, A fun loving little dog with a great big heart. She adored children and wanted to play with them at every opportunity. She loved a cuddle and food and not necessarily in that order! Spice was a loving and loyal girl and we miss her dreadfully. Lost in such sad circumstances, her fun loving nature lives on in her daughter Saffie (Inkums Saffron)
Until we meet again little girl you will be forever in our hearts.

Sad news from a grieving family who's lives will never be quite the same again without their beloved Danny...........What a lucky boy Danny was to have been so well loved.
Dear Jackie
It is with great sadness that I let you know that our darling boy Danny (Billy The Kid) died last week.
I recall with amazing clarity the day in February 2005 when we collected him form your kitchen and he brought immense happiness and comfort to our family for the whole of his life. Danny was such a charmer to all he encountered - he was truly beautiful on the outside and inside and will be missed by so many friends and relatives of both human and canine variety!
He was a great friend to our two children with whom he grew up during their childhood and teenage years - indeed he was more like another sibling only nobody ever bickered with him. For me Danny was a great friend and confidante with whom I shared so many hours of country walking adventures. He was a great comfort to me during some difficult times and never failed to welcome me with a huge smile and cuddle every time I came home.
He brought so much spirit , vitality and love to our family - we are devastated but thank you for helping bring him into this world.
Duncan and Emma Moore.

Sad news indeed that Maisie has gone over rainbow bridge leaving behind her brother and bestest buddy Murphy and a grieving family. Run free little girl, dig holes, play chase keep an eye on your brother until it is his turn to play with you over the bridge.
Dear Jackie,
Just a short and very sad note to let you know that our beautiful Maisie left us on February 11th this year. She had been ill for quite some time but was always a little fighter. In the end we couldn't watch her suffer any longer. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for gtiving us more than 9 years with 2 beautiful cockers, both having the best of temperaments and both so loving. Maisie is missed very much by the whole family as she was such a character, a beautiful, loving little character.
We still have our gorgeous Murphy who is coping very well without his beautiful sister.
(I hope you can open the attached photo of Maisie).


Jan 17
Dear Jackie,
Managed to get it together long enough to send a picture of our much loved Penny C for your angelís page.

Small in stature, huge in character. The silence is deafening.

Thank you for bringing her into our lives.
Jo & Alex xxx

Very sad to hear of the loss of Penny (Fendrove China Doll). I remember so well the day that she left Fendrove as a baby puppy and I know what happiness she brought to her lovely owners. Taken from them far too soon, leaving an emptiness behind, but in time they will remember the happy times and be comforted by them.
Run and play little Penny and know that you were so loved. Until you all meet again....sweet dreams special girl


2005 - 2017
I was very sad to hear from Yvonne that her beloved girl Maddie( previously known as Sadie) had been put to sleep to save further suffering. Fendrove Joy Rider was a very special little girl. She was very much admired in the show ring and the picture above shows her winning Best Puppy in Show at the Cocker Club Ch Show a high light in my showing career. What a stunningly beautiful Cocker she was.

She went on to live with Yvonne and her family when her showing career ended and became a PAT dog giving much pleasure to both her family and to the people she visited along with her 'sister' Betty (Fendrove Gold Digga). Betty misses her terribly as do the whole family. I know what a wonderful life she had with them all and how greatly she will be missed. Rest in Peace little one.


December 17

Hello Jackie,
Sadly I have to inform you that with broken hearts we made the decision for Poppy to be put to sleep.
I canít begin to tell you of my love for this girl, if I went out Mick would say her eyes never left the door until I returned. She was fun loving and liked nothing better than to see a piece of grass or sand and race across it.
She certainly gave us unconditional love in bucket loads.
I have sent a couple of pictures for you to choose from to add to your obituary column please. Then she can join her Grandmother and be safe with the angels.
Love Celia

Fendrove Solitaire 'Poppy'. A beautiful girl inside and out, a fabulous show dog and a wonderful beloved pet for Celia & Mick. She was truly a well loved girl and it gave me great pleasure to be able to offer her to this nice couple after the loss of their other Fendrove girl Sophie. Poppy was Sophie's grand daughter and so like her in so many ways but Celia & Mick loved her for herself. I know how much they will be grieving now and how very much they will miss her.
Always sit on the sunny side Poppy, run on grass and jump the sand, flutter those eyelashes and always know how much you were loved. I hope you meet up with Sophie and you can both be grateful to know that you will always be a part of Celia & Micks family. RIP beautiful girl.

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