April 2020
Lock down is not as painful for me as it is for some. I am lucky that I work from home with my e-commerce business www.giftsandgarments.co.uk which I'm sure none of you will be surprised to know has lots of dog related gifts on offer...mugs with dogs on, signs with dogs on, clothing with dogs on - you get the idea :) but it does give me some structure to my days. Added to this I have Stuart of course and 4 delightful, loving and energetic dogs to keep me company and keep me sane. To all Fendrove and Inkum families I hope that you are keeping well and keeping safe. Although your routines will no doubt have changed, your love for your dogs will not have, and now is a good time to make the most of being able to spend more time at home with them. To all my key worker friends...Thank you, thank you, thank you. xx

Christmas 2019
Thank you so much to everyone who has sent Christmas wishes, along with news updates and pictures of their lovely Fendroves and Inkums. It is always one of my Christmas highlites to hear from so many especially as I know how busy you all are at this time.
Please give all your lovely dogs a big Christmas hug from me and have a very Merry Christmas xx

July 2019

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