6th August 17
A fab day out at National Gundog Ch Show today. Sid was a very respectable 3rd in his first class out of puppy and Vera loved her 2 mins in the spotlight today and showed her socks off to be awarded 1st place in both Limit and Open Bitch and being awarded her stud book number. whoop whoop ....now with both my girls competing in the same classes I have a bit of a dilemma, but what a lovely dilemma to have! Some other Fendrove connections also had a good day and I was delighted to be there to see them. Ralph ' Molkara Phantom who is by my Henry ' Fendrove Dizzee Rascal' won a super limit dog class , and Linda Reed's beautiful Black/tan bitch Delindere dressed for Fun came from taking 1st in Graduate Bitch to be awarded the RCC hers, and Linda's first....soo thrilling! She is by Fendrove Clowning Around at Claramand . Florence's sister Elsie ' Molkara Pandora' was 2nd in a good PG bitch class to the eventual CC winner and their brother ' Molkara Maurizio ' won his Open dog class and went on to be awarded the CC and Best of Breed. They are by ( ShCh Veratey Vincenzo at Cassom JW out of Fendrove Penny Lane took the dog CC and Best of Breed....what a day! Many congrats to all. Florence is coming back into the ring at Darlington following her season ...if I can manage to get to grips with her coat!

21st July 17
A trip up to Harewood House for Leeds Championship show, one of the few shows where Gundogs & Hounds are on the same day so I decided to enter Costa as well as 2 Cockers Sid and Vera. It is more than a year since Vera had a spin around the show ring but while she was in coat again I thought it was high time she came out to play! I'm not sure that 2 breeds on the same day works well for me, and in the end I was delayed in the Dachshund ring and Vera had to be handled by Elaine in my absence but despite not quite getting the placings I had hoped for who wouldn't enjoy a nice sunny day at such a lovely venue. Vera is off to National Gundog along with Sid in a couple of weeks and Florence is staying home for some fun and games with the others!

7th - 9th July
East Of England is our most local Championship show and one that I try to attend every year but now with the inclusion of 'Dogs Live' it does have it's frustrations , not least being that if you fail to pay the 4.00 per day parking fee at the time of entering ( 6-8 weeks prior to the show) then there is a 10.00 per day parking charge when you arrive to show the dog that you have already paid 26.00 each to enter! On Gundog day the weather was hot, hot, hot and unfortunately the Cocker ring was not in it's usual place half under canvas ( for shade) and half outside but in a tiny lumpy bumpy ring at the far end of the showground with absolutely no shade at all for the dogs......such a shame and really not good enough. I don't like to complain as I know how hard all the committees work and how much there is to putting a successful show together but as entry fees continue to rise and other shows offer better facilities often without charging for parking I fear that my most local General Championship Show will lose the grass roots people who love their hobby. However despite this the company was good and Florence and I had a lovely day out with a good placing too and as always it was great to catch up with fellow show folk.
Two days later and I was back with Costa...this time our ring was inside so at least it seems that sense prevailed on that score. Costa also had a very nice place and I had a whole different set of people to chat with!

11th June
Another brilliant day on the show front. This time I was at The Hound Show of East Anglia with Costa who once again was placed first in his puppy class but this time he went on to be awarded Best Puppy and Best of Breed and he received some very positive comments form ring side...thank you to all concerned.

While I was enjoying myself with Costa , Kim had kindly taken Florence (Molkara Miranda from Fendrove) to Three Counties Championship show with her entered dogs as I had rather stupidly double booked the day! I was delighted to hear that Florence won her class and went on to be considered for the RCC....Thank you Kim ( and judge Linda Crowley). Kim had a super day as it turned out with herself and Sarah and their dogs doing rather well...and none better than Ralph ( Molkara Pharrell) son of my Fendrove Dizzee Rascal 'Henry' being awarded his first CC......Huge congratulations Ralph. Henry and I are thrilled !

Picture of Ralph by Shel Cowles

May has been a very difficult month for us here at Fendrove after the sudden loss of our gorgeous Collie 'Bob' . Bob was the most devoted and loving girl and we miss her every day. Life will never be quite the same without our trusted friend.
On a happier note Costa my miniature Smooth boy went to his first show at The Eastern Counties Dachshund Club's Open show in Cambridge. I have to say how welcome I was made to feel by the lovely Dachshund people...thank you. It makes such a difference to a day out to be made to feel included . Costa did brillianlty and I was thrilled that he won his first ever class and went on to be awarded BPIB. What A lovely start to the 'Summer shows' , and then on another beautiful Sunny day the following weekend at Melton Mowbray & District Open show Sid ( Cocker) won his puppy dog class and with the agreement of both breed specialist judges went on to be awarded BPIB followed by a super Group 4 win under the gundog group judge. . ( photo by Jimmy Wyatt)
Not to be outdone Costa came up trumps again and won his puppy class and once again went on to be awarded BPIB and then he went through to the Hound group (puppy) to be awarded Puppy Group 3 under the Hound specialist Group judge....wow what a great day. Just as important to me though was the lovely friendly atmosphere, the good conversation and laughs among friends...oh and of course the prize money. Well done to this hard working committee for a lovely day out and to all four judges for their kind appreciation of my boys.

Happy Easter

Thank you Nicky for this lovely Easter picture of Maud with her Easter Bunny.
Happy Easter to all.
Please remember that chocolate is poisonous to dogs so keep your Cockers & Dachshunds safe......eat all the chocolate yourself!!

March 25th - South Wales & Mon
Sid winning Best Puppy Dog at South Wales & Mon Cocker Club Championship show.
My thanks to breed specialist Ann Homes (Kenan) for thinking so highly of my boy.

Florence also had a fabulous day gaining her KC Stud Book Number from Limit and Open Bitch. Many thanks to Lynn Parker (Weyhill).

Happy Valentines!
Our first championship show of the year and Sid has qualified for Crufts 2018 aged just 6 months and a week! We had to dash into the ring late straight from his crate after I was delayed in another hall with Henry Higgins ( Mini long Dachshund) who was placed 3rd at his first championship show. Both these young pups behaved beautifully ....anyone would have thought they had been practicing !!

I am now looking forward to Crufts. Having decided not to show dogs there this year I am very much looking forward to shopping, ringside judging, meeting up with friends from home and abroad, helping friends that are showing and of course joining in the after show parties........

Cambridge & District Open show
Inkums Henry Higgins ...known at home as Henry Higgins lol ! ( Lyndarlea Loui / Inkums Mary Poppins) went to his first show today.. He was rather chucked in at the deep end having only ever been once to ring craft training where he sat on someones knee being cuddled all night but never the less he did himself ( & me ) proud by standing beautifully and trotting around the show ring as though he had been putting in hours of practice. He was rewarded with a lovely first place in the junior class despite being not quite 7 months old yet and went on to be Best Puppy in breed ( miniature long haired Dachshund) Rosie ( Manaca's Fairy Dance) also won a Best Puppy in breed rosette after being placed second in her junior class . (Miniature Smooth Dachshund ). She is such a little dot but beautifully made...unlike myself, she needs to gain a few pounds ! The day was made particularly special as it was the first time out this year and I was able to catch up with friends over a lovely Sunday roast.
The same two plus Sid (Fendrove Chippendale) are out again on Saturday...for what will be Sid's first show. I'm hoping that he will take a leaf out of Henry Higgins book and at least pretend that he has had some training......

Jan 17
I hope the New Year has started well for you all....
Most of my New Years resolutions have gone out of the window already but never mind !
Our first opportunity to 'show off' was due to be at Coventry Cocker but Florence was in season so we stayed at home. I missed the chance of catching up with friends at this nice show but that's how it goes with bitches I'm afraid so its a couple of general open shows until our first champ show at Parti Colour Cocker on 12th Feb. On the same day I have entered a couple of Dachshunds at The Dachshund Club Champ show which is at the same venue ( different hall) so I'm hoping that I can persuade a friend to come and help as inevitably the two will clash and I can't be in two places at the same time !! We have another addition to our Dachshund family...a chocolate/tan smoothie called 'Costa'. He and Rosie ( our red girl who came from Manaca's kennel in Sweden last Summer are inseparable....they are a joy to watch and with a bit of luck , keeping fingers crossed, they will both do some showing this year. My s/c mini long boy Henry Higgins is also 'in training' so I'm hoping to meet new people and have some fun with them all. I have a new Cocker puppy to 'bring out' Sid (Fendrove Chippendale) makes his debut in a couple of weeks...he is the sweetest, kindest, dope of a dog and who knows whether he will take to showing but he is the kind of dog that makes us laugh every day so that's good enough for me!

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